Welcome to a fan translation site for Konami's dating SIM for girls, "Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love Plus." For this project, we will try to translate the game scripts and some user interfaces to English so that people who don't understand Japanese can play this wonderful game.

The project is now finished. You can download the final patch HERE.

If you have any problem with the patch, you may post your question at GBATemp thread.

And here is the list of people who helped make this project a success. There are also anonymous friends who have helped us all this time. Thank you very much. <3<3

Tokimeki Memorial
Girl's Side 1st Love Plus
English Fan Translation Team
(Names are listed in alphabetical order.)

[Translators & Editors]
A, Amzy, angel, Ash, bdanimedancer1, Catherine Nguyen, Chaos, Ema-tan, heebirdy, helldevil132, Inori, Jei, JewelChan, Julitz, luphnjoii, Luvi, mentality34, miruki, monogatari, mynameisanh, Natália "suu" Abreu, Panda,
Peter "Tiduas" Johansson, phoenixgoddess27, princessberrypink, Raykasha, Shiy, Suterusu, tamarei, Tomoko, Yasmin.PaleShadow

[Beta Testers]
5hours, Aeladya, Alice, alphaomegaangel, angel, anhale, Aschaschi, Ash, Azalea, Bababaloo, Bartuc, Capi, Catherine, Chaos, charisuu, Cherri, christania, chumie, cinnamonroll, creamtea, daniyahh, DarkBlue, dgray-girl, Elixiate, esthela, Floriane_Saporta, FluffyPillow, Hazuko, Hevean, Hikki, huzlaq, Imke, jambition, jayejaye17, Jessie, Jia, Jia Xin, jinkys, jjjewel, Joyuko, jules, Julitz, karen, karenxw, kurohime, Larissa, LFF, Mari, Maverynthia, Mentality, miruki, mochiiberries, Monibr, monogatari, mwaka, mynameisanh, Napy, Nhu, Nioth, nutmeg2736, orangedoll, Otto, PeachyxFixation, piccu, princessberrypink, ranti, regreto, Ren, Renna, Riviera, Sacreo, sara, Sara Filipa Fernandes Moreirinha, Scarofwar, Sedicius, Sehar, Silverdee, Soazig, Sora, Suji, Taikki, tiff, ushichan, Whynn, Xenokitten, xwinter.wishx, xxxcutedevilxxx, XZephyr, Yasmin, Yasmin.PaleShadow, yovitahalim, YumChan, Yuna

[Project Leader]

[Special Thanks]
DarthNemesis, miruki, Noitora, CrystalTile2 developer, and everyone who always gives us supports. <3


  • Kijyo married Haruhi On Jan 27, 2013 it is confirmed that Okiayu Ryotaro who voiced Kijyo Madoka (GS1) and Maeda Ai who voiced Nishimoto Haruhi (GS2) had gotten married. Congratulations to both of you. Note: Both Kijyo and Nishimoto speak Kansai dialect in the games. When I read the news, I was like, Oh Kansai-ben couple. LOL. ^_^
    Posted Jan 27, 2013, 11:31 AM by JJJ S
  • GS1 and GS2 Double Pack In October 2012, Konami scheduled to release Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love Plus and 2nd Season as a Double Pack. The price is cheaper than buying any one of the game alone. If you have not bought them yet, it's a good time to support the company. (Both of them are in original Japanese language, but you'll get the boxes and booklets, etc.) Check Internet stores like Yesasia, Play-asia, etc. for the price and availability.
    Posted Oct 12, 2012, 6:05 PM by JJJ S
  • RIP Kawakami Tomoko-san Kawakami Tomoko-san who voiced the cheerful girlfriend, Fujii Natsumi, in Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1 has passed away due to her illness on June 9, 2011. May you rest in peace, Kawakami-san. You will always be remembered.
    Posted Jun 10, 2011, 10:22 PM by JJJ S
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