Ivar Martin's personal homepage 

1994 - B.Sc., Physics, Moscow State University

1999 - Ph.D., Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

1999 - 2013 - Los Alamos National Lab

2013 - Argonne National Lab 


I am a theoretical physicist. My research interests lie in the area of complex interacting systems, including high-temperatures superconductors, exotic magnets, and topologically stable states of matter. I also have a long-standing interest in the problems of "quantum measurement," i.e. the situation when the measurement apparatus can have a large effect on the system that it is trying to measure.


This is an information system that I have been developing. There are several problems it attempts to address:

1. There is currently no global trusted scientific knowledge repository that is actively used and updated by scientists

2. Dissemination of scientific results, i.e., reaching the target audience is difficult

3. Knowledge management even within small collaborative groups is often ineffective, due to redundancy and inaccuracies

Knowen is a free service for creation and management of private group projects, thus addressing point 3, as well as the wiki-like framework for generally accessible/modifiable content (point 1). Integration of these primary components enables natural propagation of high-quality information from private projects into the public domain, where it can be further developed by broader research community. That addresses point 2.