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In the year 4012, one man, one warrior, one dude with a .45 will take on the most incredible piece of technology on the planet... 

"The Toilet of Doom" Script Act I coming 4/1/08!

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 The Script

In the year 2012, one man, contracted by the Canadian military, activated a long dormant piece of extra-terrestrial technology. In the process, it gained super-human intelligence and powers. Now it is the year 4012 and it wants revenge for the wrongs committed against it. It is...



Wanna give a shout-out to enterthemadness and Ghostvirus for their help.  This thing would never have been finished without their help.



April '08


Act One now up! Thanks to enterthemadness.

March '08


It's been a while. I apologize for the wait. But within weeks, Act I of the six acts will be up.

Thanks to all my supporters at the Hype.



December '07


Welcome to the brand spanky new site. Coming soon, character pages and backstory. Be sure to check us out again soon. We're looking for writers. E-Mail to help us out or questions/comments.