Economics Research,
        101 Market Street,     
        San Francisco, CA 94105
        tohuiyu at gmail dot com

Current Position:   

        Economist, Macroeconomics Research
        Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

        Work website

        Ph.D. in Economics, Stanford University, 2015
        M.A. in Economics, University of 
Tokyo, 2009
        B.A. in Economics, University of Tokyo, 2007
        High school and primary school in Australia
        Primary school in mainland China

Working papers:

        Cited in The Economist


Grants and Awards:
  • Leonard W. Ely and Shirley R. Ely Graduate Student Fund Fellowship, Stanford SIEPR, 2014-2015
  • Dissertation Fellow, IRiSS Stanford, 2013-14
  • Japan Fund Dissertation Fellowship, FSI, 2013-2014
  • Shultz Graduate Student Fellowship in Economic Policy, SIEPR, 2012-2013
  • Shorenstein Predoctoral Fellowship in Contemporary Asia, 2012-2013
  • Stanford Department Fellowship, 2009-2010
  • JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists, 2009
  • CEMANO-COE Distinguished TA Award for Core Graduate Macroeconomics II, The University of Tokyo, 2008
  • Japanese Government Scholarship for Master Studies in Economics, 2007-2009
  • Presidential Award, The University of Tokyo, 2007
  • Japanese Government Scholarship for Undergraduate Studies in Economics, 2002-2006
  • Ministerial Award for Outstanding Performance in the State of New South Wales High School Certificate Examination, Australia, 2001
  • High Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition, Special Achievement Award for the School's Best Standardized Score, 1997

Research Visits:

  • Dissertation Internship, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, August 2013
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, September 2011, August 2012, Dec 2014
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, October 2014

Conference/Workshop presentations:

  • Federal Reserve Board, Brown Bag, Dec 2016
  • UC Irvine, Department Seminar, November 2016
  • Econometrica Society Asia meeting in Tokyo, August 2016
  • SED, Toulouse, June 2016
  • University of California San Diego, Seminar, May 2016
  • Santa Clara University, Department Seminar, Jan 2016
  • AEA/North American Econometrics Society Meeting, Jan 2016
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, November 2015
  • Midwest Macro Fall Conference, University of Rochester, November 2015
  • University of Minnesota, Ellen McGrattan macro workshop, September 2015
  • Yeshiva University, Department Seminar, September 2015
  • European Economics Association Meeting, Mannheim, August 2015
  • Econometrics Society World Congress, Montreal, August 2015
  • CIGS Conference on Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, Tokyo, May 2015
  • Midwest Macro Spring Conference, FRB St Louis, May 2015
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, December 2014
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, October 2014
  • Stanford 7th Annual STAJE Conference, June 2014 
  • Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, July 2013 
  • SED, Seoul, June 2013
  • Initiative for Computational Economics, University of Chicago, 2012
  • 7th Dynare Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, September 2011 
  • 17th Annual Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance, San Francisco, July 2011
  • 10th World Congress of the Econometric Society, Shanghai, August 2010
  •  Far East and South Asia Meeting of the Econometric Society, Tokyo, August 2009


  • English (native), Chinese (native), Japanese (fluent in speaking, reading and writing)

Last Updated : January 2016.