Get inspired by some of the most interesting and engaging communities connected by the "Together With Google Developers" and Google Developer Groups. Know of a meetup community / GDG doing something great? Let us know.

GDG Beijing

Learning and improving with every meetup

Jackie Han and his fellow organizers talk about meetup strategy, finding great speakers and sharing community management knowledge among members. They are operating in an unique environment and have come up with clever ways to localize Google content in order to make it available to Chinese developers.  

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Empowering community members to use their skills in chapter management

Jessica Dene Earley-Cha tells an empowering story on how she transitioned from working for a non-profit into the field of Engineering. Her previous work experience in leading a mental health facility has helped her figure out how  to support GDG community members in overcoming their individual challenges and how to empower them to use their skills in community management.

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How to make networking fun and engaging for everyone

Arpan Garg and Rohan Arora also share their insights on managing a large community that spreads out in a large geographical area and how creating a local hub of communities can help with typical challenges like finding speakers for meetups.   

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From 2 to 1.6K members in 8 months

Sam Witteveen and Martin Andrews started TensorFlow and Deep Learning Singapore in February 2017. In the interview they discussed some unique challenges with rapid growth of their community and also ways how to make the technical content interesting and fun.

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What bamboo and developers have in common

Rayan Al Zahab talks about working with different stakeholders in your local IT ecosystem to attract new community members.  In the interview she explains why developers have to be a bit like bamboo.  

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Teaching girls about IT in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Serena Fernandes started Minas da TI to teach other girls about IT. In the process she discovered that a lot of IT companies ask for skills that are not taught at universities. She decided to include those topics in the meetups. She also shares other interesting ideas on how to work with the IT industry.

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Angular Oslo Meetup
Organizing a big conference for the first time? Choose your team well and take it from there  

Maxim Salnikov talks about how he and his fellow organizers came up with a concept of ngVikings, the first ever Angular conference in the Nordics that attracted over 300 developers and became the largest regional gathering of the Angular community.  

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Students learning together and from each other about IT

The GDG Korea Campus evolved from GDG SSU (GDG Soongsil University). KyeongWan Kang and Kaeun Lee were both GDG SSU organizers and felt being part of the community has helped them to grow as engineers by a great deal. They wanted to offer this opportunity to other university students in South Korea and that is how the idea of GDG Korea Campus started in 2016.

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How to attract more women to the community  

Roina Ochieng's personal story of becoming the first female chapter lead of GDG Strathmore and how they succeed to attract and include more women in their community. 

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Reaching for the stars and back

In March 2013 Vitaliy Zasadnyy and Ostap Andrusiv were taking an early morning train from Kyiv. They were full of emotions and positive energy after a hackathon they have just attended. There and then, they have  decided to take matters into own hands and that is how GDG Lviv has started.

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Showing others what they are capable of

Yonatan V. Levin started Android Academy Tel Aviv about 3 years ago when he wanted to learn more about Android and figured that the best way to do so was through teaching. He also believes that knowledge should be free for everyone.

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Call for love - what community  means to David

AngularBeers started in 2015 by a passionate, driven developer David Pich when he realized that people needed the space to talk, share their experiences and ideas. The community has been growing since, and now has almost 2,000 members.

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