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Students learning together and from each other about IT

The GDG Korea Campus evolved from GDG SSU (GDG Soongsil University). KyeongWan Kang and Kaeun Lee were both GDG SSU organizers and felt being part of the community has helped them to grow as engineers by a great deal. They wanted to offer this opportunity to other university students in South Korea and that is how the idea of GDG Korea Campus started in 2016.

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How to attract more women to the community  

Roina Ochieng's personal story of becoming the first female chapter lead of GDG Strathmore and how they succeed to attract and include more women in their community. 

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Reaching for the stars and back

In March 2013 Vitaliy Zasadnyy and Ostap Andrusiv were taking an early morning train from Kyiv. They were full of emotions and positive energy after a hackathon they have just attended. There and then, they have  decided to take matters into own hands and that  is how GDG Lviv has started.

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Showing Others What They Are Capable Of

Yonatan V. Levin started Android Academy Tel Aviv about 3 years ago when he wanted to learn more about Android and figured that the best way to do so was through teaching. He also believes that knowledge should be free for everyone.

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Call for love - what community  means to David

AngularBeers started in 2015 by a passionate, driven developer David Pich when he realized that people needed the space to talk, share their experiences and ideas. The community has been growing since, and now has almost 2,000 members.

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