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Community Management Trainings

Join us for the next session, this time open to all community organizers, even if not registered with the Together With Google Developers.


Creating a non-profit organization

March 21 (5pm GMT), March 23 (1pm GMT)

Join an online call with people who created non-profit organizations to support their community activities.


March 21 - Add to calendar >>>
March 23 - Add to calendar >>>


On the day/time of the event, connect to Hangout on http://bit.ly/howtoviewingparty. No registration needed.

Daniel Franc (Google Developer Relations and former community organizer)


Dita Přikrylová, founder and CEO of Czechitas NGO

They run widely popular workshops for women interested in IT.

Filip Goszler, GUG.cz organizer and CEO

GUG.cz is an umbrella brand (NGO) uniting Czech GDGs, GBCs, GEGs, GXGs. This creates synergies as well as unique challenges that Filip will cover.

Noe Branagan, GDG Santo Domingo organizer and CEOof the NGO

March 8, 2017 
events organized by GDG communities worldwide

Help us to empower women in tech, host or attend an #IWD event btw. March and April 2017

International Women's Day is marked on March 8 every year.

If you are a GDG organizer,help us to celebrate by attending a Summit near you or organizing your own meetup. See organizer's guide (GDGs only) for additional info and register your event at developers.google.com with “iwd” tag (case sensitive).

March 8-10, 2017 

@San Francisco, CA

The future of cloud is now… at Next.

On March 8-10, the Cloud Next event will take place in San Francisco. It is an event that brings together developers, executives, customers, partners, IT decision makers, and Google engineers to build the future of the cloud. Attendees will see what's coming from the Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, Maps, and Devices teams.

You can join in by running a Cloud Next Extended event in your community, streaming the keynote and running a local talk or codelab. You can run your event during Cloud Next or at any date in March or April that works for you. If you register your event soon, it will appear on the map at cloudnext.withgoogle.com/extended and you may be eligible for an event sponsorship!  Finally, be sure to also log your event on DevSite with the tag “Cloud Next” so it lets logged for your chapter’s activity.

Please review the Organizer Guide for next steps. If you have any questions, reach out to your Google Regional Lead or email us at next-extended-17@googlegroups.com