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Community Management Talks

Join us for the next session, this time open to all community organizers, even if not registered with the Together With Google Developers.


Onboarding of new chapter organizers
Tips on how to successfully onboard a new team member. Best practices shared by our guests.
November 20, 1pm GMT November 20, 12pm PST


November 20, 1pm GMT, Add to calendar >>>
November 20, 12pm PST, Add to calendar >>>


On the day/time of the event, connect to hangout. No registration needed.

Daniel Fran
Google Developer Relations Program Manager and former community organizer 



Panayotis Tzinis
GDG Thessaloniki organizer, GDG Heraklion coordinator and GDE

Przemek Pardel
Google Developer Relations Program Manager, community advocate



Roina Ochieng
GDG Nairobi organizer and former GDG Strathmore organizer    

Nilay Yener
Community Specialist at Google and former GDG Instanbul organizer


On December 1-2, Google Developer Days India will take place in Bangalore, featuring technical talks on Android, the Mobile Web, Firebase, Cloud, Machine Learning, and IoT.

You can join in by running a GDD Extended event in your community, streaming the keynote and running local talks or codelabs. You can run your event during the event or after.

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Study Jams 2018 - 
Google Cloud

We have heard developer communities asking us for teaching materials to get their members up to speed quickly on Google Cloud Platform. We put together a Cloud Study Jam event template for that, including an Organizer Guide that will make it easy for you to run in your communities.

If you run a Cloud Study Jam your attendees will:

  • Learn how Docker and Kubernetes work, or learn how to process Big Data in the Cloud.

  • Get access to Qwiklabs.com, a Google training tool, free of charge (a $70+ value).

  • Get Google-hosted badges for their online profiles, to show potential employers what they know about Cloud computing.

What to do next:

Study Jams 2017 - 
Mobile Site Certification 
Why do it?
Over 50% of web traffic goes to mobile yet unfortunately developers aren’t designing effectively for it. For example 53% of mobile visitors will leave if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. The average page takes 19 seconds to load over 3G. Speed is just one part of creating better mobile experiences and best practice has gone a long way past responsive design alone.

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