Is this the same as Google Developer Groups? If I'm a GDG organizer, should I join this program?

No, this is something different. The GDGs are an independent technical communities focusing mostly on Google platform
and we're their primary partners. Our support to GDG is growing more than ever and GDG organizers are already supported
by us through other channels so you don't need to join in here.

How can we help you?

As Google, we can help developers best with content and technologies originating from our developer platform, as well as from various web
or mobile open technologies. There are no tradeoffs from your side.

Why do we want to help communities?

Because educating and connecting developers makes them more successful and communities are a great way of doing this. We love seeing
communities doing a great job in working with developers and we want to provide you with some online resources to keep doing it in your way.

What is not the point of our support?

We “win” when developers become educated, engaged and empowered to make choices thanks to engaging technology  communities. Therefore we won’t ask you to push any of our products, limit your work to any specific technologies, or use our
branding even on the events  we may support directly. We’re interested in helping  you do what you love doing, in a way that you want, and with any partners you choose.

So what do we offer?

We offer a way for you to get a non-financial support we’re delivering globally through online platform. The program is not  designed as a way to get personalized support from our Google Developer relations managers  in individual countries. They will reach out to you directly if they will see an opportunity for a hands-on involvement from our side.

After we join the program, can we make it public that we're a part of it? Do we have to make it public?

Yes, you can use the Together With Google Developers logo for eligible and Google reviewed events and you can also share
that you're a member of this program. You don't have to do any of these either.

Will you in any way limit us about what topics we run our meetups? Or in the selection of our partners?

No. The same goes for partners; choose any you want.

Members: follow the mailing list

The mailing list is the primary channel to learn about various upcoming support options and to get in touch with one another and for you to reach also other participating communities. Google Developers community managers are also on the lists and are available for questions and advice.

Do we have to report to Google about what events we did and how that went?

No. In the case that we’re helping you with a specific event or let you use Google branding, we’ll ask you for a quick summary
about the event after it takes place. During sign up, we’ll ask you for a web address where we can see your event announcements
(such as so you don’t have to report anything and we get a sense of the activity levels in the community as a whole.

We’re multiple organizers in our group, how do you handle this?

At least one of you should be on our mailing lists as a point of contact. We definitely encourage your colleagues to join as well, though, there’s no hard limit to a number of organizers per group.