Our program is actually quite unique in the way that we don’t ask any favors in return. Don’t look for any caveat or hidden agendas. It’s really simple: you and us are aligned about how we see developers and by helping you we therefore help our common mission. As we said above, YOU are educating and connecting developers, and WE see educated and connected developers as being ready for success, which is our main goal. Participating on the support that we provide by this program doesn’t create any formal relationship between you and Google and you’re not becoming any kind of “Google meetup” group. You can also sign out at any time.

#1 Keep doing events 

We won’t be telling you where to evolve your community, what events to do or not to do; nor will we push you to do “more” events about this or that technology. Keep doing what you and your community enjoys most, even if it’s not related to Google’s platform. The same applies to the partners your community has or will have. It’s your community life, not ours. We won’t ask you to publish any of our Google or product logos or any information about the support, although this is something we can offer if you want. We’re interested in helping you engage the developer community through your events - because then we’re successful as well - not in our brand marketing.

# 2 Follow the mailing list

The mailing list is the primary channel to learn about various upcoming support options and to get in touch with one another and for you to reach also other participating communities. Google Developers community managers are also on the lists and are available for questions and advice.