Google Developers Community Groups Program became Community Leads Platform

The Community Leads Platform (communityleads.dev) helps you grow successful communities by facilitating mainly peer to peer sharing of resources, content and knowledge and allowing you to:

  • Find speakers and mentors among other community leads

  • Easy access to Google authored content and event opportunities

  • Exchange of meetup content among leads

  • Share community built, community related apps, web templates, automation scripts and other tools

  • Find solutions to your community related issues and challenges in discussion boards

  • Get prepared for your specific tech meetups in dedicated tech meetup boards

  • Find collaborators to your projects and joining others


  • the platform also allows for open areas to exchanges with community organizers also from several Google community programs (such as GDG and later others), so that you can maximize sharing, learning and collaboration opportunities

  • The platform can be accessed via web (incl. responsive mobile web) with customizable email notifications, native Android app coming later this year

  • Several new functions and tools will be added over the coming months

See introduction video HERE 

Apply for communityleads.dev access HERE

If you were member of the Community Groups Program prior to July 2019, you can access the platform directly at communityleads.dev.