this are what i have accoplished... ^_^







Week One:

~introduction to the subject

~Creating accounts at: gmail, joelogs.elggspaces.com, ning.com, flickr.com, podomatic.com

~creating first webpage with text, picture link and bulletpoints


Week Two:

~finalizing our first webpage using html

~subscribing our first rss feeds

~comment on the Finella's first episode


Week Three:

~reading danah boyd's essay on: Friendster Lost Steam

~watching Demetri Martin's show

~customizing the look of our Creativity and Innovation space

~adding more rss feeds

~posting my first podcast


Week Four:



Week Five:

~registering and creating a personal account at pbwiki

~comment on carol and amabelle's first episode

~my fisrt account in elggspaces was been corrupt


Week Six:

~creating ning application

~comment on jaymie's first episode


Week Seven:

~creating portfolio

~collecting at least 8 rss feeds

~comment on mahalia's fisrt episode


Week Eight:

~editing picture using GIMP

~comment on rocephine's first episode


Week Nine:

~editing picture using jimp *for the second time*

~creating an account on www.blogger.com


Week Ten:



Week Eleven:

~inserting 5 "chicklets" / add ons to our blogger


Week Twelve:

~earning using adsense

~creating an account in technorati, mybloglog, didily



Week Thirteen:

~continuation of week twelve


Week Fourteen:

~creating an account in explode

~how much your blog worth


Week Fifteen:

~creating amazon affiliates account

~adding widgets from amazon to our blog


Week sixteen:

~posting a blog about ning

~i have to complete everything ^_^




Week One...


          This is the first week of our class... Mr. Yuvienco discused us some information about what we are going to tackle this semester and he asked us to visit and create an account on different sites that are unfamiliar to me... They were: http://www.elggspaces.com, http://www.ning.com, http://www.podomatic.com and http://www.flickr.com... At first, i have a hard time understanding how those site works... But then, i learn how it works after i explore everything in those site...

          He also asked us to create a gmail account and because i don't have a gmail account, two of my classmates, Tibi and Cess, invited me...

          Mr. Yuvienco asked us to create our own web pages using html and use the site http://www.htmlgoodies.com as a guideline... I was not able to finish my website by this week because i already forgot how to create website using html, the only thing i remember is <br>... ^_^




Week Two...  


          I finished my website this week, click here to view what i have done... ^_^

          After that we subscribe to differsnt rss feeds of our interest, Mr. Yuvienco told us that those rss feeds would help us in our podcast... I have subscribe in 6 different rss feed that are related to food... ^_^

          Comment on Finalla's first episode... 




Week Three...


          We read danah boyd's essay about friendster lost steam... I have a hard time reading the text because it was written in a pure text essay and it was really long... I think the font that is used in that essay is Times New Roman with a font size of 12... We also have the chance to watch Demetei Martin show about the facts that are happening in MySpace and in other social network sites... After reading the essay and watching the show, Mr. Yuvienco provide some sets of questions about those topics that we should answer and post as a comment in http://joelogs.elggspaces.com... To view our comments click here... ^_^

          We learn that we can also costomize our elggspaces' profile... Mr. Yuvienco told us to change our profile in elggspaces by copying  the css of our Friendster account fo rit to be looked like our friendster... ^_^

          We add up another rss feeds and now i alredy have 14 rss feeds... ^_^ *sad to say but you cannot view it because my first account I think was corrupted...*

          I have posted my first episode in podcast... But one of my classmate comment that she cannot open it up...




 Week Four...


          We don't have anything to do this week, becasuse we don't have our class... ^_^   




Week Five...


          Mr. Yuvienco asked us to visit http://www.pbwiki.com and to create and register personal account there... I have a hard time thinking of what should i put in my account... so i just put some of my pictures... ^_^

          Comment on Carol's first episode and Amabelle's first episode...

          This is the week that my first account came to its end.. I think my account was corrupted... So i losted all my files that I have done in the first four weeks and some of what i have done for this week... click here to view what happened to my first account... T_T




Week Six...


          Comment on Jaymie's first episode...




Week Seven...


          I was absent at this week because... I was really not feeling well but I don't want to miss one activity so I tried to do what my classmates did in this week...

          Carol told me that they did during this week...This week activity is doing e-portfolio... And now, I'm doing it to complete what I have missed... ^_^ Thank Kaka!

          Comment on Mahalia's first episode....




Week Eight... 


          I really enjoy this week, because Mr. Yuvienco told us to edit pictures like the pictures in the www.worth1000.com by using GIMP that was saved in our computers in e-business lab... At first, I have some difficulties dealing with this program because I was not used to it... But then, after some exploring with it I leared how to used each of the buttons there... In this activity, our 5 hour class was not enough for me because It was really difficult for me to do what I really want...

          Comment on Rocephine's first episode...




Week Nine...


          We edit another picture using GIMP... Mr. Yuvienco asked us to post the step by step procedure on how we edite the image. He also asked us to create an account at www.blogger.com.

           Comment on Rossel's first episode...



 Week Ten...


          We don't have anything to do this week, becasuse we don't have our class... ^_^




 Week Eleven...


          Mr. Yuvienco asked us to add 5 "chicklets" or the add ons to our . These 5 add ons should include a shout box, a feed burner, and the 3 remaining were our own choice. I really have a hard time searching for these things especially how to attached them to my blog.




 Week Twelve...


          We have a lot of things to do for this week and for next week (week thirteen).

          Sir Yuvienco told us that we can actually earn money with our blog, and with that he introduced us the adsense. He also asked as to create an account at http://mybloglog.com and "friend" as many as we want. He also asked use to create an account in http://technorati.com. I was really a hard time trying to memorize and to remember the website http://scrumdidilyumptio.us. He asked us to create a connection with the words that we find interesting.




 Week Thirteen...


          We just have to continue what we have done in the previous week.




 Week Fourteen...


          Mr. Yuvienco asked us to create an acount in explode and add a new widget in our blog.. We also check how much our blog worth.. to view the value of my blog.. click here.. ^_^




 Week Fifteen...


          Today, we became an affiliates of amazon.. We created an account there and add some widgets in our blog.. Visit my blog to view what I have added.. ^_^




 Week Sixteen...


          This is our last week, so I have to finish everything.. Today I have posted my ning experience and so do my web design class memories as a blog in http://joelogs.elggspaces.com..