Toe Croquet

In order to promote our work we have developed a new fun game called TOE CROQUET (suitable for the beach/park/indoors and suitable for all ages).

TOE CROQUET equipment:
  • 2 buckets placed on ground say 10m plus apart (you may need stop the buckets moving by adding sand/water/weights..).
  • Sufficient sponges (kitchen variety suitable) so each participant playing at the same time has a sponge.
  1. Take a sponge from the game organiser and place beside the most distant bucket.
  2. Count the total number of times you need to toe kick your sponge to strike the bucket nearest the game organiser.
  3. The winner is the participant with the least number of toe kicks.
  4. Return your sponge to the game organiser.
  5. Two or more teams can also play toe croquet in a time relay (each player would toe kick a sponge in both directions to strike both buckets before the next player takes over to do likewise...).

Special Request:
  • Please print copies of the download listed below and use to help promote the game and us (do your best to attach your printed copies to the buckets). 
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