Lesson Ideas

Lesson Idea 1 (for infant school teachers):
Lesson Idea 2 (for infant school teachers):
  • Take two features in the play ground (lamp posts, corners of sports pitch etc.) and ask pupils to count the times their toes touch the ground walking between the features.
Lesson Idea 3 (for junior school teachers):
  • Talk with your class about the need to be in good relationship with one another and what it takes to live in good relationship with one another (i.e. good conduct towards people, place and planet).
  • Help pupils compile a listing of top 10 good conduct suggestions. The ranking of your suggestions is not important.
  • Compile and submit your class listing of top 10 good conduct suggestions so it can be published and shared with others on this website (published here).
Lesson Idea 4 (for senior school English teachers):

Request your class pupils to write essays on the subject of good conduct with titles such as:
  • List three examples of good conduct and discuss how they increase public well-being...
  • List three examples of anti-social behaviours and discuss how they decrease public well-being...