Fund raising

Volunteers Always Welcome


The success of the Village Hall as a resource for the Village depends in no small part on the willingness of villagers to help with its upkeep, running and management. 


The Trustees and Village Hall Committee would very much like to hear from anyone who feels able to volunteer their services – no matter how small. 


There are a variety of tasks volunteers could become involved with, for example, start up a new activity in the Hall, assist with DIY, assist in keeping our website up-to-date, or even consider putting yourself forward for consideration of becoming a Trustee.   


We should very much welcome greater involvement of younger villagers at the Village Hall (ie, those with young and growing families) as your input and ideas would be invaluable in helping to forge new partnership working for/with our youngest villagers.


If you would like to put something back into your village and particularly help to ensure the  continued wellbeing and success of the Village Hall, please contact the Hall Vice Chairman, Helen Greer-Waring (01909 774472) or the Secretary, Jenny Foulds (01777 948673).  
Search engine
Do you ever use a search engine to help you find the website you need?

Clicking on the following link takes you to an excellent search engine and each time you use it a tiny contribution is made to Todwick Village Hall.  Your suppport would be most welcome.

Try it and see.  Why not make it one of your "favourites"!

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Click on the link mentioned above to open the search engine and then click the tab marked "Easyfundraising".
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