Autumn newsletter

Term dates

Last day before Christmas          Friday 16 December

First day back                               Tuesday 3 January (this is a

                                                      non-funded week)

Nursery will be open as usual on Monday 21 November 2016 (this is a Todwick Primary School inset day)


Early Education Funding - Non funded week

There has been some recent changes to our contract with RMBC relating to the delivery of EEF.  The funding does not cover a full academic year, leaving one unfunded week.  The unfunded week will be the week commencing Tuesday 3 January 2017 and we will be open as usualPlease be aware if you have funded sessions we will invoice for this week.


Changes to contact details

If you have had any changes to contact details (eg address, email, phone numbers) since you completed an enrolment form please let us know.  Likewise if there have been any changes re allergies, medical condition, diet etc.


No increase in fees

We have not increased our fees for the last 5 years despite our costs increasing year on year.  Please help us to maintain our cash flow by paying fees promptly.


Absence due to holidays

We have previously not charged for up to two weeks holiday per year.  However in order to confirm to statutory regulations we need to plan ahead.

We will continue this concession but only if we receive 8 weeks notice of the absence.


Arriving for sessions

Please do not ‘linger’ when dropping off children – parents can sometimes unsettle the children.  Also do not arrive early for sessions.



The children often take part in ‘messy’ activities and will play outside in all weathers.  Please provide a bag with a spare change of appropriate clothing (please put wellies in a separate bag).  Always label clothing and bags – we cannot reunite clothing with their owners if we cannot identify to whom it belongs.  Please return any of our clothing that we have provided.


Closure due to inclement weather

It is the time of year when inclement weather can cause disruption to our normal operations.  Most of our staff live locally and are able to make their way to work enabling us to open as usual.  However if Todwick School closes on Health and Safety grounds we will little option but to close.  In the event of changes to our normal service the TEY website will be updated in real time as information becomes available.



Please do not let your child bring toys to nursery.  The toys may get lost or other children play with them and this can sometimes cause distress.

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