Spring Newsletter (Posted 7 March 2016)

This is a lengthy newsletter but please take a little time to read it - you may find some of the information useful.


Dates for your diary/

Last day of term                          Friday 18 March

First day back                             Monday 4 April


We will be closed on the following days:-

Monday 2 May

We will now be open on Friday 24 June

Monday 18 July

Tuesday 19 July


Changing funded sessions (EEF)

The next term starts on Monday 4 April but the next period of EEF starts on Monday 11 April (the Easter break is earlier this year).  Anyone wishing to change their sessions for the start of the next funding period should let us know immediately as some sessions are getting full and we may not be able to offer the flexibility you require.  There are several new starters next term and indications are that they will want to fill the last spaces.  Spaces will be offered on a first come first served basis.


Changes to funded days

It is anticipated that there will be several changes to the RMBC contract relating to the delivery of EEF.  When children commence school in September their start dates are staggered.  In the past the children who started school later were able claim funded nursery places for the first few days of term.  From September 2016 this practice will cease, however if you wish your child to attend nursery for the few days before they start school, places will be available but they will be invoiced.  Although the new RMBC contract (due to start in April) has not yet been finalised it is anticipated that there will be several other changes to the delivery of EEF – we will inform parents/carers of these changes when the final contract has been issued.


Key Person

Each child is allocated a member of staff as a Key Person.  If you are unsure who your child’s key person is please refer to the list on the notice board in the foyer.


Parental Appointments

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress with a member of staff please see your Key Person to make an appointment.  As we are required to meet statutory requirements with regard to supervision of children, certain dates will be set aside for this purpose when extra staff will be on duty to provide staff cover.


Absences from Funded Sessions

We receive payment for children who have claimed funded sessions from the Local Authority.  These payments relate directly to the hours claimed and we are audited by RMBC to ensure that the correct payments are made.  If a child does not attend a session for which a payment is claimed we have to account for the reason for the absence.  We are required to report prolonged or erratic attendance and RMBC may withdraw the funding.  If your child is unable to attend a funded session please let us know as soon as possible together with the reason for non attendance which we will then record on the register.  Also children who are suffering from diarrhoea or sickness should stay of nursery for 48 hours.



Lunch menu

We are trialling warm meals at lunch time and both the staff and children are coping well!  Sandwiches will still be available for children who prefer them.  Any food provided will be chosen with reference to the School Food Standards Legislation.  All the staff have received food hygiene training and we are regularly inspected by RMBC Environmental Health Department (we currently have a level 5 rating).


Change of clothes

Sometimes, for various reasons, a child will require a change of clothes during a session.  Could parents/carers please ensure that they bring a complete change of clothes for their child each time they attend the nursery.  Please clearly mark your children's clothes with their name.  We have an emergency supply of clothes but this is getting depleted as parents are not returning them to us.  If you have an item of our clothing could you please return it to us!  Donations of spare clothing are always welcome.



We will only administer prescribed medication and it must be in its original packaging including the patients name and dosage details.  An “Administering Medication” form must also be completed by the parent/carer.



We seem to be getting a lot of toys brought into nursery.  Please be aware how upset the children become when toys go missing or other children play with them.  We recommend that children leave their toy etc at home to avoid distress.

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