Opening the festival on the main stage is a genuine star, Tom Hingley.
Tom Hingley is a legend in the north. He grew up in Oldham and was the lead singer of Inspiral Carpets, one of the bands that fronted the Manchester baggy scene in 1989. For six years until their split in 1995, they created a unique sound, with such hits as 'This is how it feels', 'She comes in the fall', 'Dragging me Down' and 'Caravan'.

Two solo albums followed to critical acclaim, followed by an album with a new band, The Lovers and a reunion tour with the Inspirals. 

In October last year he released another solo album, "Thames Valley Delta Blues" to widespread praise. It's a sequel to his critically acclaimed 2000 album release, Keep Britain Untidy. It is a record that embraces musical elements as diverse as blues, folk, soul and punk. TVDB sees Tom discussing the world in 2009 including mass consumerism, debt, recession and ecstasy. Think Gospel music for people with no religion. “I didn't make the record I should have done for my career, I made the record I felt I had to make,” says Tom.

Whereas Keep Britain Untidy was an album discussing the break up of Tom’s marriage, TVDB discusses disparate subjects such as love and loss. It is an intimate record with a stripped down production, Just one vocal and one guitar or banjo with no overdubs. Intimate and immediate in the same way that past stalwarts such as Little Richard or Howling Wolf were. 

It is a fantastic coup that Tom has agreed to open the festival for us on the main stage and bring his vocal stylings to the crowd at 12 noon on the Saturday. 

Please enjoy responsibly!

Visit his myspace to hear tracks from the new album