LaLa and the Booya are sibling collaborators Matha Cecilia and MeatEd (Marf & Eddie to their mates). They hail from Bradford and describe themselves as bit drumnbassy, bit dubsteppy, bit triphoppy, bit electro, bit folky, bit techno, bit skankin', bit punky, bit whatever tickles our fancy really. Respective roles are: MeatEd - rhythm, groove maker, mumbled backing vocalister and sound fucker-upper. Martha Cecilia - songwriter, vocalist, imaginary person on the dancefloor and backseat producer.

So far they've got just the one track out there for you to download, but it's free! 'Evidence', is now available on midnightminustwo's 'Three Free' sampler.
Right click this link to save the track, including mixed mp3 and cd artwork

Search them on YouTube to check out a rough edit of their recent Flash Mob video shoot for the track. Coming up next we're hoping to release 'Stay' as a single with music film to boot...

Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music is "very fond of La La & the Boo Ya" and has played both 'Stay' (which made the show's podcast), 'Stanley King' (for which he was "loving the rough electro sound") and new track 'Evidence' on his 'Fresh On the Net' show. Describing LL&BY as 'political pop', our 'curious name' has not disuaded him from comparing us to the likes of Dylan, The Clash and Public Enemy. Oh yes.

Click their myspace page at to hear them.