Jason and the Martin

Talented songwriter Jason Johnston, who writes the most poetically honest lyrics, over a texture of warm feeling guitar is accompanied by the sweetness of Victoria Martins' perfectly placed flute and vocals.

A soothingly soft and seductive talent, we look forward to their unique blend of acoustic magic in the Hole Note tent.

Jason features heavily in the acoustic circles up and down the country. As the met news states, "Jason Johnson can hold his head high among the many acoustic acts Manchester has spawned. Although a late starter, Jason’s songs portray either a good imagination or a lifetime of angst, all performed with guts and soul. A quick peek at his gig guide shows how far this guy has come in a very short time." They have recently been signed to Lost At Sea records.

Leopold Sprout, ’That New Sound’ magazine - "Character + individuality + technical ability + charm = Jason Johnson"

TonyK - The Winelight Club - "Jason Johnson played a blinding set at our show back in October and his name was first on the list to perform at these sessions. Powerful songs delivered with soul and emotion, think Crowded House with angst."

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