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I'm a psychologist-turned-neuroscientist from Belgrade, Serbia. 

I was a postdoctoral researcher (now a visitor) at the Brain and Cognition lab at the University of Oxford. The lab is led by Kia NobreAs a PhD student, I was a member of the Prediction and Attention lab at the Donders Institute in The Netherlands. There, I was supervised by Floris de Lange
I study how context reshapes the profile of cortical responsitivity to sensory stimuli. For example, let's look into your auditory cortex as I play a tone. It's a bit like throwing a pebble into water: as the tone reaches your sensory system, it will elicit ripples of neural excitation. But then I ask: what will happen to these ripples if you are likely to hear exactly that tone, at exactly that moment? By changing the likelihood, we are changing the neural context into which the tone arrives when it meets your brain. It turns out your sensory system is less perturbed by likely events. I try to work out which types of likelihoods your brain is sensitive to, and how these play out on the level of early sensory processing.

I sometimes tweet about academia and blog about neuroscience. To contact me, write to NeuroAnaTody on gmail.