Scrubbing Bobbles Scrubbie Sponge

Scrubbing Bobbles Scrubbie Sponge

H hook
worsted yarn (cotton...or acrylic)
sc= single crochet
yo= yarn over
blo= back loop only
bo= bobble yo insert hook into stitch, yo pull through (3 times) in same stitch *yarn over and draw through all seven loops on hook (*edited to add, thanks Darlene)

chain 16

(row 1) sc in next stitch from hook and in each across (15)

(round 1) ch 1 turn bo in blo of first sc, sc in blo of next 2 scs,
(* bo in blo of next sc, sc in blo of next two sc's) *repeat around ( eta continue around skipped front loops)
join with sl st to ch 1 (10 bobbles, 20 scs, total of 30 stitches)

(round 2) ch 1 (continue without turning from this point on)
sc in each stitch around (30)

(round 3)ch1 bo in first sc, sc in next two scs, (*bo in next,sc in next two sc) *repeat around (30)
rounds 4-10 repeat rounds 2 & 3 round 10 should be a round of scs

ch 1, sc through both layers of sponge all the way across (15)

Finish off and weave in ends.

Copyright 2010 by Jennifer Kaye of Jenster76designs.

You may make items to gift or sell, just don't steal my pattern. I would appreciate a link to this pattern be provided if you are selling this item online. Thanks a bunch.