Extra Large Spa Cloth

Extra Large Spa Cloth

G hook
1 ball cotton yarn
abbreviations: ch=chain, dc=double crochet, sc=single crochet, flo=front loop only, blo=back loop only

Gage: 11 dcs X 4 rows = 2 1/2 inches (in other words, don't crochet it too loosely)

Ch 43,
ROW 1 dc in third ch from hook and in the remaining chains (41) ch3 turn

ROWS 2-17 dc in first dc, ( *dc in blo of next three dcs, dc in flo of next three dcs) *repeat until one stitch remains, dc in last dc ch3 turn

after round 17, ch 1 and turn and sc around. make 3 scs in each corner and continue around until you have sc around entire square. join with a slip stitch finish off and weave in ends.

Copyright 2010 by Jennifer Kaye of Jenster76designs. You may make items from this pattern for personal use and to sell (a link to this pattern would be appreciated in your online listings), just don't copy or sell my pattern as your own.