Valentine's Day 

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Toddler Celebrations: Valentine's Day


Make Valentine's trail mix with Craisins, red Fruity Cheerios, and plain Cheerios.  If your child's old enough, you could also add a few mini marshmallows or popcorn.

Heart-shaped cupcakes or muffins are easy to make.  Roll foil into small balls--one per muffin.  Stick balls between the paper liner and the edge of each muffin cup and bake.  Marbles work, too.  If you make cupcakes, frost them with red or pink icing.

Heart Sandwiches: Cut your child's sandwich into a heart shape with a cookie cutter.

Heart Toast: Cut toast into a heart shape with a cookie cutter. Mix cream cheese and red food coloring to spread over the toast. (A layer of peanut butter under the cream cheese is extra tasty!)


Playdough for Your Valentine: Celebrate Valentine's Day with pink playdough.  Get out heart-shaped cookie cutters, so your child can cut out hearts, or give your child other heart-shaped objects, so he can press them into the dough to make impressions.

Coloring Fun: has lots of printable Valentine coloring pages.  Consider giving your child an assortment of pink and red crayons, markers, and chalk with which to color them.

Painted Heart: Cut a large heart out of paper.  Let your child paint it with pink or red paint.  You could also do this as a finger painting activity.

Heart Stamping: Make a heart-shaped potato print.  Your child can stamp with pink or red paint.  This makes a nice card.



Biscuit's Valentine's Day, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

The Story of Valentine's Day, by Nancy J. Skarmeas