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Toddler Celebrations: Summer


Go berry picking!  Pick Your Own offers state-by-state listings of farms where you can pick your own produce. 

Toy Thaw: Freeze a small plastic toy and water in a paper cup or plastic bowl.  When frozen, remove the ice from the container (run a bit of warm water over it to loosen it if necessary).  Let your child play with it outside until the toy is free.

Water Painting: Celebrate the heat by providing your child with a container of water and a variety of brushes, sponges, etc.  Let him paint the driveway or sidewalk with the water.  (Supervise closely, though, as even a small container of water can be a drowning hazard.)

See if your library's summer reading program is open to toddlers.  Our library's program is for children ages two and up.  Not only does our program offer a prize for reading books, but they also hold a weekly program at a local park with stories, games, crafts, and snacks.

Pick Queen Anne's lace and place it in a vase of water.  Add food coloring to the water.  After a few days, the colored water will turn the flowers that color!


Make a summer sun.  Help your child paint a paper plate yellow.  Then glue yellow construction paper strips around the edge.

Thumbprint bees: Press your child's thumb in a yellow inkpad, then press it onto paper.  Show her how you can add black pen marks (stripes, stinger, wings, etc.) to transform it into a bumblebee. 

Summer Fruit: Cut a strawberry or watermelon shape out of red paper.  You might want to add a green stem or rind.  Let your child add black seeds to the shape.  Try making the dots with a crayon or marker tip, an ink-dipped thumb, or paint (for the paint, try a regular paintbrush or a small, round sponge dotter).

Thunderstorm Collage: Cut storm cloud, raindrop, and lightning bolt shapes from colored paper.  Help your toddler glue them to a sheet of paper.


Homemade Popsicles: Use a popsicle mold to make healthy frozen treats for your child.  Fill the mold with 100% juice, fruit puree (we recommend pureed watermelon mixed with applesauce!), or a combination of plain yogurt and fruit, then freeze.

Fruit salad is a fun summertime treat.  Try mixing in melon chunks, grapes, kiwi, bananas, pineapple, or berries.  (Make sure you cut the pieces small enough for your child!)  For an extra-cool treat, freeze the fruit for a bit before serving it to your child.


The Too Hot Day, by Beverly Komoda

Franklin and the Thunderstorm, by Paulette Bourgeois

Wild Wild Child Sunflower Child Anna, by Nancy White Carlstrom

Growing Vegetable Soup, by Lois Ehlert

Sunshine on My Shoulders, by John Denver and Christopher Canyon

It's Summer!, by Linda Glaser