Fourth of July

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Toddler Celebrations: Fourth of July


Go on an American flag hunt.  Walk around your neighborhood and count how many flags you can spot.

Star Play: Cut out red, white, and blue stars in two or three sizes.  Help your child count the stars or sort them by color or size.

Play a Red, White, and Blue version of I Spy.  Ask your child to find items of those colors around your house or neighborhood.

Don't forget to dress your family in red, white, and blue!  Ask your child to identify these colors on himself and other family members.

My Own Flag: Print this flag from  Tape or glue it to a popsicle stick so your toddler can celebrate with his own small flag.

Celebrate with your own Fourth of July parade: Distribute instruments to the members of your family and march around your house.  If you don't have instruments, try pots and spoons, aluminum pie plates, or film canisters filled with rice.  You could even ask a few friends or neighbors to join your parade.

Find a local parade to attend.  Many communities offer Fourth of July parades.  See if there's one nearby for your family to watch.  


Star Prints: Make a star-shaped potato print or sponge stamp.  Provide red, white, or blue paint that your child can use to stamp with the star.

Handprint Fireworks: Paint a bright shade of paint onto your toddlers' hand.  Help her press it onto black construction paper to make a firework in the night sky.  After making a few print with that color, wipe her hand off and apply a new color, so your child can make a sky of colorful fireworks.  If you'd like, add some extra sparkle with a shake of glitter.  (Acrylic paint works better than tempera for this project.)

Make sparkler paintbrushes by taping strings, yarn, or ribbon to popsicle sticks.  Your child can dip the "sparklers" into red, white, or blue paint, then brush the paint onto paper.

Fourth of July Coloring Pages: Print a patriotic coloring page from for your child to color.

Make a construction paper flag. Cut 1-inch strips from red paper for your child to glue to white paper. Then let your toddler glue a blue rectangle in the corner and decorate it with a white paint dotter or star stickers.


Fourth of July fruit salad: Mix blueberries and strawberries or raspberries (don't forget to chop the fruit into small pieces if your child is not ready to eat them whole).  Add in some white with mini marshmallows or a dollop of vanilla yogurt, whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream.

Star Popsicles: Use a star-shaped popsicle mold and red variety of 100% juice (such as apple raspberry or apple cherry) to make festive popsicle treats.

Star cookies: Make star-shaped sugar cookies and let your toddler decorate them with red and blue sprinkles.


God Bless America, by Irving Berlin and Lynn Munsinger 

Happy Fourth of July, Jenny Sweeney!, by Leslie Kimmelman

Fourth of July Mice!, by Bethany Roberts

Hats off for the Fourth of July!, by Harriet Ziefert

The Story of America's Birthday, by Patricia A. Pingry