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June 18, 2008

Added new page to this blog collection = Surviving in Financial Crisis - 2008 onward.


Start off your day by listening to an episode of 'This American Life'. The archive of all the radio shows back to 1995 are online at WBEZ in Chicago website.

 Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Catching up for the last week.   I received interesting call today asking me if I show my paintings and would I be interested in showing them on tv show.  Talking on tv while painting.  Not sure if that was one time; local interst kind of thing for one show or ongoing weekly kind of thing.  As it turns out the tv station would come to my home to film me painting, that is until I told them that I didn't live in the same county.  It was an interesting exchange though, and inspirational to me. 

See Practicing Democracy blog for something that has been on my mind regarding my experiences collaborating with peace/activist communities or what they call  the 'movement'. 

There are four more diy projects shown at Everything old is new again blog.



Sunday, March 4, 2007

Not much happening in my blogs today.  I added  6 new recipes to the What's Hot in the Kitchen blog (here).   Continuing to chronicle my adventures converting us to vegetarian and my very definite experiment in doing so using flavorful, spicy, Thai recipes.    I neglected to do a daily blogging this past week, so caught up by blogging the recipes and our ratings of them this weekend.

Friday March 2, 2007

Today I learned more about the Native American understanding of 'The Three Sisters' and it will be an invaluable help to me in planting my garden this year.  I had not idea of the relationship of corn, beans and squash.  Read more at Wee Garden blog and I also posted it to my Wonderwander blog.

And I found a most colorful idea for how to make our books on our bookshelves a work of colorful art.  See it at  ConsumerLess blog and oh, see how my mind works, cause I posted it to my outside blog Everything Old is New Again


 Thursday, March 1, 2007

Posted to my external blog Dying to Preserve the Lies, also at Washblog and here at  Practicing Democracy, my review and take on "To Iraq and Back'which aired this week.  ABC reporter/journalist Bob Woodruff, injured while covering Iraq, does an outstanding job with this ABC special.  If you missed it on tv, can still view it online.    

  Traumatic Brain Injury - TBI - heard of it? Of the over 200,000(that's right 200 thousand - much more than the figure cited by DOD)injured troops in Iraq, aquarter of those suffer with traumatic brain injury.

The key issues Bob Woodruff, himself recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury is to call attention to how many injured Iraqveterans are suffering with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Another issue is the count of the wounded and it is far more than what the Dept of Defense is reporting.  Another issue is the lack of VA services to treat TBI once the wounded soldier returns to his home community.

 (note; Washblog, btw, is at Washington state netroots political forum portal.  It sometimes gets the attention of the staff aides of our Washington state Congress people. )

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today, I found some happy recipes - Kettle Corn,  Roasted Sweet Potato Sticks and the  becoming famous, Jim Lahey 'No Knead Bread' recipe.    Posted to my Bundelzblog. 

I also found a photo of a tremendous sinkhole that happened in Guatemala.  I followed the link to the photo origin at The Cellar Image of the Day.   I had to post the photo to my blog here - see it at  Odds and Ends, Loose Marbles blog.