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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now this is an idea that might be fun to try. Making lights from vintage jello molds. I have not yet converted anything into a lamp or light, so I'm not one to give advice. Instead I'll take it on the advice of others who have converted old treasures into lamps or hanging pendant lights. A series of hanging pendant lights seems to be a trend right now.

Found at decor8 and read the post and comment for yourself, as others who have converted a lamp say it's a fairly simple process using converter kit available at hardware stores.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Project; Making Paper Beads using magazines. Doorway or Window curtain

Paper Bead Art. I never heard of it, but others have. Why it caught my attention was because it uses magazines (and I have too many) plus the suggestion that the paper beads could be strung together to form a doorway curtain (or a window curtain). While the suggestion pictured is using the paper beads as art, I would be more likely to make the paper beads as a project to use the old magazines, so I would need plenty of paper beads to then string a doorway curtain.

For the tutorial how to - see at curbly

and the paper beads are shown in this framed art piece

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Project; Turn a tree branch into a coat rack

Coatrack from a branch...I can do this!

found at Apartment Therapy - San Francisco, which found the image somewhere else, it was promotional of the wallpaper decor. Turning the branch into a diy project; hang branch by curtain rod mounting brackets; use S hooks to hang hangers.

Friday, March 2 2007

Project; Arrange your books by color on your bookshelves

Found some great links today. And local to my area, okay, well at least my state. Found at Apartment Therapy reference links to Re-Use Salvage stores in Seattle and Bellingham, WA. I know there are salvage operations, and that is not new. But the focus to re-use, not toss out, and refashion or repurpose is a bit of 'repackaging' or re-marketing an old idea.

Earthwise, Inc., Building Salvage (Seattle)

The ReStore(Seattle and Bellingham)

How clever is this for decorating without spending big $$? For those who are lovers of books, this is fun idea. Shared at Apartment Therapy - Los Angeles.
Books arranged by color. chotda at flickr


Monday, February 26, 2007

Project; little girl circle skirt and top - refashioned from bed sheet and Auntie's capris

Now this woman is 'repurposing' purposely. See her blog, Consumption Rebellion, for outline of how she re-used materials that went into making this outfit for her little girl.

excerpt from her blog - how to:

The skirt was constructed as follows:

- waistband - cut from my Great Aunt's pair of denim capris.
- circle skirt (and its really a circle this time!) - from fabric offcut at an op shop - cost $1
- lining - made from an old bedsheet found at an op shop - cost 50c.

- Top - cut from the leg of my Great Aunt's capris and turned upside down so the tapered end went towards the neck and the wider end towards the waist.