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Using an iPad with Pages to create...
                                             a PDF book readable in iBooks on the iPad.

The Pages App ($9.99) on the iPad is a fantastic writing tool that can be used to journal or create "books". And your completed "novel" can be viewed via the free iBooks App on the iPad.  This is a "how to" guide for your student authors as they create and edit on the iPad.

1.  Start students off by having them create and name a new document in the Pages App on the iPad. This will be the start of their journal or book. For the purpose of this guideline we'll use "Journaling with Primary Sources", however any curricular topic can be used.

2.  Using the Safari App on the iPad students explore, the Library of Congress Primary Source Sets or Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (for example) to search for and select primary sources around their topic. 

3. Next they "touch" the pictures and select "Save Image". Images will be saved to the Photo Library on the iPad.

4. Once photographs are collected (don't forget the attributions), students open the Pages App on the iPad and create a new document. Here they can write or journal their reflections about the primary sources and add the photographs via the media tool in Pages.

5. When the "book" is finished, students return to the Pages menu and underneath the document touch the right facing arrow. They can email the document or send to iWork.com.  To send to iWork.com, create a free iWork account. From the iWork.com account, invited classmates can comment on the book.

6. An alternative to iWork is to email documents as PDFs.  Once emailed, students open the PDF on the iPad and "Open in iBooks"

Photos as well as photographs of documents can be added to the photo library and then added to the Pages App or the Keynote App ($9.99) on the iPad.
If using a Macintosh Computer with iWorks installed, you can export directly from Pages to ePub format. "Books" created on the computer in Pages and exported as an ePub file can be added to the Book section of your iTunes library. Next sync your iPad to your library and your book will appear in the iBook App on your iPad as an ePub file.  See Creating ePub files with Pages.

Now that you are an accomplished author, happy writing and reading!