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Higher Ed
  • Some older contracts with authors didn't contemplate this right or establish a royalty rate.
  • Seldom an author rights issue
  • Generally a third-party rights issue
  • Issues with original rights holders
  •  All author contracts include eRights to book content
  • Fiction
  • General Interest Non Fiction
  • Business
  • Children's Books
  • Sciences
  • Business
  • Skills-based
  • Humanities problematic because of 3rd party rights
  • Most subjects covered
  • Architecture & Design
  • Behavioral Science
  • Biomedical & Life Science
  • Business & Economics
  • Chemistry & Material Science
  • Computer Science
  • Earth & Environmental Science
  • Engineering
  • Humanities, Social Science, & Law
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Professional Computing & Web Design
Rendering issues
  • Few issues because content is reflowable
  • Complex layout
  • Specialized notation
  • Double-byte fonts for foreign and ancient languages
  • Equations or calculations created using subject-specific software (ex. Mathcad)
Copyright years
  •   2006-current
  •  2005-current

Key Points

  • Definitions
    • Rights - The author of a book gives the publisher permission to create and sell an electronic version of his/her body of work. Publishers enter into contracts with authors, stipulating whether the publisher has the electronic rights to a work, and how royalty is calculated. Older contracts may not have taken electronic rights into consideration.
    • Subjects - The subject portfolios publishers have created that target their readers' predominant areas of interest.
    • Rendering issues - The visualization of specialized content (ex. foreign languages, equations) may be difficult due to their inherent differences from usual content types.
    • Copyright years - The years for which the planned portfolio of books in print are simultaneously made into eBooks.
  • Trade and STM:
    • Publishing a digital version of every book (where we have the rights)