Business Issues Driving ePublishing


  • Explosion of reading online and on digital devices
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Increased marketing opportunities
  • Declining cost of participating in eBooks
  • Most publishers are making books available in many formats/platforms, not committing to just one.
  • Most publishers are making as much content as possible available in digital format.
  • Most publishers are seeing significant (double or triple digit) growth.


    • Well-publicized launches of dedicated book devices (Kindle and Sony eReader) that have driven awareness
    • Consumer appetite for book applications on the iPhone
    • Some piracy of full books
    • Some experimentation with free giveaways of content to drive purchases
    • Price pressure

    Higher Ed

    • Content free and increasingly devalued
    • Unhealthy pricing dynamic
    • New learning and teaching styles
    • Pull versus push content selection
    • Web first publishing
    • Shareholder expectations
    • Changing publisher strategies around digital content
    • Diversity of channels
    • Long tail


    • Reference budgets are flat to declining
    • Libraries continue to struggle to maintain relevance in traditional reference role. Declining usage
    • Migration from print to electronic is accelerating, especially in Academics
    • Increasing price competition & commoditization within certain product lines
    • The “Google Generation” often prefers the ease and ubiquity of the free web.
    • Increasing usefulness of online search


    • Multiple business models and channels
    • Balancing price, content, platform functionality
    • Expectation that content should be electronic, on one platform
    • Electronic discoverability essential
    • End-users seek relationships between content, within and between publisher data
    • End-users seek workflows to be incorporated in platforms
    • Aiding transition from print to electronic
    • Usage of content