Bobby and Bogus tell Tall Tales   

Bobby Campbell and Toby Philpott share an interest in story-telling, and the Tales of the Tribe

Bobby Campbell works incredibly fast to produce a unique style of artwork, which made the blog and the magazine far more attractive for online reading.


 He also produces comic books / graphic novels with his team at the Madison Underground Press.

You can find his own work bundled under Omnibus 777

Working Together

You can use the Imperfect Index to OM and MQ and search under

  • Bobby's Art, to sample his amazing and prolific production
  • BogusMagic to see my own rather more meagre completed works (although I do churn out the day-to-day stuff for the blog, too)  


I remained very keen that the magazine and the blog should continue to appear, and like to write something for almost every edition of the magazine, and to post something fresh to the blog at least weekly. Bobby seemed to share this enthusiasm, so we naturally began to produce work together.

Initially I asked him for some illustrations to break up my wordy pieces, then we both attended the same course, and threw words and pictures back and forth to attempt a summary, and more recently he gave me an idea to run with, which turned into a long short story, for which he made me some pix..    




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The Third Degree (initiations)

Falling on Deaf Ears (Vico's theory of time)

Coming Round Again (no lucid dreams)

Magical Means (a strange encounter)


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