Toby Philpott now writes more than ever...

When young I wrote a lot of letters (which have now become emails I suppose), and I even enjoyed writing essays for my English teacher. 
I reviewed lectures at our magic club for Abracadabra, a weekly magic magazine.
I made short runs (carbon copies, in the days before photocopiers) of a mocking magazine at school.
I even won some money with a Reader's Letter to Private Eye (a UK satirical magazine).

My father wrote both puppet plays, and 'How-to' books. He had a way with words.

My mother coached actors to speak Shakespearean verse naturalistically, so that a modern audience could understand and enjoy it without a lot of old-fashioned histrionics.

These facts contributed to my love of language, and in particular, the English language, whether written, spoken or sung.


  I call myself Bogus Magus over at NaNoWriMo, and also at Script Frenzy. (Why? Well, that's a long story...)
Until the day I really interest other people, just for my own amusement I publish my NaNo novels at Lulu - here's the shop...


Writing for online magazines and blogs

Tall Tales from Bobby C and Toby

Collaborations with other Illuminauts

Written for juggling magazines

Editing the work of others


I just got under the wire, with a pretty scrappy novel called "Does Not Compute"
I finished my first attempt at Script Frenzy, in May 2010, writing a film script called
One White Crow.
I used a blog to jot notes for the script, and now it will stay as a 'writing blog'
I had a third try at writing a novel with NaNoWriMo in 2009 - "Handwaving" is still in draft, awaiting a rewrite
In 2008 my second quick novel had the title "Infinite Monkeys" - in honour of a  large number of fellow primates, hacking on keyboards, one of which may reproduce Shakespeare.

I decided to put Foolproof (from 2007) and Infinite Monkeys onto Lulu, so you can download a free PDF or buy a paperback! 

Language 'is' a virus (regular blog)

Fragments of writing on the old website

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