Course Kit List

Here is a summary of the equipment that you will be expected to have with you on the course. Please remember, this course is designed to be accessible and enjoyable, plenty of challenges will be provided, but should you wish to supplement the following list with additional ‘comfort’ items (stove, tent, camp bed etc) then please feel free to do so. Toby's mantra with regards to kit on entry level courses is, it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

If you have any questions about where to get these materials, please email us.  Local Army-Navy stores often have camping gear, as do REI and EMS.

Attached to this page are two pictures of survival tins.  We'll discuss this in more detail on the course, but in case you're curious what two different people have put in their tins, check out these two examples.
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Clothing Suitable to the environment. Prepare for the possibility of inclement weather. Wool or polypropylene HIGHLY recommended. 
Boots Should be sturdy and appropriate for the weather. 
Backpack Something large enough to hold all of your kit. 
Day pack A small secondary carry bag. 
Sleeping bag Should be rated to the appropriate temperature. 
Sharp knife Personal preferences will vary. It is not necessary to spend $300 on a knife! 
Steel or aluminum pot Should be suitable for cooking over an open fire. 
Knife/Fork/Spoon Plastic recommended. 
Water bottle Minimum 1 liter. 
Food Should be easy to prepare and enough to last the duration of the course. 
Personal first aid kit Including any necessary medications. 
Personal toiletries Including a small towel and toilet paper. 
Lip balm  
Notebook and pen/pencil  
Flashlight Head lamps recommended. 
Binoculars Optional. 
Camera Optional. 
---- Survival Kit ---- Ideally all of the following should fit in a small tin: 
Fire steel and striker  
Disposable lighter  
Small mirror or reflective surface  
Small compass  
50 ft of strong string or paracord  
Small blade e.g., scalpel or Stanley knife. 
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