I work in the garden

I live in the house that my father built for the family in 1955.
Modifying it in my parents' lifetime would have been as popular as a fart in a spacesuit of course, so I didn't. 

I have recently renovated the house and added a solarium (my new office).
I designed it, Glazing Vision built it, Building-Control approved it, and I now spend every minute of the waking day in it.

Dimensions: 2.7m by 93 million miles (it faces due South).
Fenestration: yea unto the max.
Ventilation: Large electrically-operated sliding window.
Heating and cooling: 2kW heat-pump.
Heat-insulation: double-glazed, cavity-wall, cavity-floor.
Acoustics: superb.
Weight of glass + frame: 450 Kg (1/2 ton).