About Me

I will be joining the Cognitive and Information Sciences department at the University of California-Merced as a Lecturer in the Fall of 2019. I will be teaching a course on meritocracy (its status as a normative ideal, and the role of merit in our various institutions) and another on the relationship between education and democracy.

I received my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Connecticut in 2017. My academic research focuses on the intersection between philosophy of language and linguistics, and in particular, on the relationship between work in the philosophy of language and semantics as it fits into the generative linguistics framework. I also spend a lot of time worrying about philosophical methodology and explanation and how they bear on the relationship between philosophy and the sciences, and on philosophical theorizing in general. More recently, I have been exploring issues in the philosophy of education and in political philosophy.

I also run The Badlands Politics and Philosophy podcast. The Badlands aims to present, in a publicly accessible way, the philosophical dimensions of contemporary political issues, with a particular focus on progressive politics and issues. All Badlands related content can be found at BadlandsPhilosophy.com (Twitter: @TheBadlandsPod).


When I'm not doing philosophy stuff, I spend my time looking for pickup basketball games or working on music. (Some of my compositions can be found on the 'Music' page of this site - a small collection of guitar solos and duets.)