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Art Ideas and Resources

Caran DAche Neocolor II Watersoluble Crayons: As an art teacher, I tr

y to introduce my students to new and interesting materials that are easy to work with and produce great re sults. I believe that good quality materials are worth the investment because the results

are often improved by the more vibrant color, stronger paper, or interesting texture. Though expensive, these combine the ease of a crayon with the beauty of watercolor. They are a great substitute for color pencils o

r pan paints. Most of all, they are a huge hit with students of all ages and levels of ability. I recommend them highly.

Prismacolor Pencils: Student grade color pencils are okay - just okay. For more vibrant results, better quality is recommended. Check out eBay and use coupons at your local art store to put in a good supply. The more colors the better.