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Information, Materials, Courses and Resources for Teachers, Mentors and Parents

Inspiring Ideas A blog for teachers, parents, mentors and volunteers,  about thinking, creativity, relationships, and learning.
Making Connections Strong Relationships Help Keep Kids in School:  An innovative, online learning tool designed to give mentors, teachers, parents and volunteers the strategies and tools they need to build strong relationships with kids. This course was developed and presented for Portland State University and Innovation Partnership. (email for more information, registration and access)

Lewis and Clark Explorer Guides: Plan a your own Lewis and Clark family adventure using this series of seven travel guides that are sure to bring the spirit of the Corps of Discovery to life.

PASSPORTS Crossing Cultural Borders: A website and collection of online  resources, lesson plans and information developed for Oregon Public Broadcasting to help teachers and students become more culturally competent.

THE SIXTIES Years that Shaped a Generation: A series of activities and lessons for teachers, developed for Oregon Public Broadcasting and PBS to provide students with the chance to discover living history, explore a broad spectrum of ideas and concepts, and learn about the impact of many different issues on people, places and politics around the world.

Oregon ArtBeat at School : The collection of stories from the OREGON ART BEAT television series has been expanded with even more ideas, inspirations, resources and curriculum materials to help teachers bring the arts into their classrooms and get kids engaged in learning and creating.

The Thinking Teacher:
A print newsletter developed for Portland Public Schools. Ideas, resources and information to help and encourage educators to integrate creative and critical thinking into classroom activities.