Art Education

I believe:

• that for our kids to meet the challenges of our changing world, they need to be able to think and act creatively.

• that older adults need the stimulation, pleasure and interaction that making art can bring to their lives

• that the arts encourage creative expression, pleasure and success.

And that many kids do not have not enough art in school.

That most adults do not have enough art in their lives

The arts are an excellent way to build self-esteem, encourage connections, see the world in new and different ways and demonstrate the value of each of our unique abilities and points of view

Classes and Workshops for Children and Senior Adults

Private Instruction - one on one or small groups

    For children

      For adults

Workshops and Classes include:

Create your own cartoons - learn to bring your own characters and situations to life

• How to Create a Children's Book - combine creative writing, illustration and computer tools to create your own book to share and enjoy (perfect for parent and child)

Digital Photography
for Artists - learn how your digital camera can sharpen your ability to observe, change the way you design, and provide inspiration for your drawing and painting

Turn Your Digital Images into Art - learn to use computer software to edit your images and turn them into something unique and beautiful


Painting In Pastels - Get ready to get your hands dirty as you discover many ways you can work with this vibrant and colorful medium to create paintings and drawings.
• Drawing
- basics for kids (and adults who want to get more comfortable with putting images on the page

• Find your Creative Self - what's holding you back? Get in touch with the creative energy that lives inside you

Create your own class - whether you want to learn a new skill or complete a project, I can help

Call 503:443 -1921 or email for information or to arrange a class