Full 2014 and 2016 TargetSmart voter file (proprietary)

2012 Kantar advertising data (proprietary)

Nielsen Consumer Panel 2015 (proprietary; click here for an overview of the data)

Rentrak TV tracking (proprietary)

2012 Nielsen DMA-shapefiles (proprietary)

Demographics by DMA (proprietary)

500,000 transcripts of local news (proprietary, click here for an overview of the data)

Sample of Political Digital Ads from the 2012 Presidential Campaign, collected via (click here for data and here for Codebook)

Survey data (sample size 200,000) on the Political Life Index, collected by NBC Universal/SurveyMoneky (proprietary, click here for more information)

Survey data (sample size 170,000) on vote intentions in the 2014 midterm elections, collected by NBC Universal/SurveyMoneky (proprietary)

Survey data on Public Opinion for commercial use (sample size 2,000,000)

Behavioral Lat/Lon and installed applications data for  commercial use (sample size 2,000,000)