Americans are divided on the question as to how politically divided Americans are.  
With a highly unorthodox presidential campaign just behind us (and an especially 
unorthodox Republican president), the nature of American public opinion, its future course, 
and the future of progressive politics is more volatile than ever. Together with David Rothschild
I founded the PredictWise Public Opinion Engine with the goal of leading a data-driven approach
 to helping the progressive eco-system navigate this new world of politics. At PredictWise, we process 
a large array of public opinion data collected via our novel, mobile-based polling infrastructure 
(see for example here and here). Together with TargetSmart, we have built 
scoring more than 250,000,000 Americans.

Before joining PredictWise as C.S.O., I tackled these Big Questions from an academic perspective in leveraging a plethora of Big Data. In 2013, I joined Shanto Iyengar's Political Communication Lab (PCL) at Stanford University as the David Casper Stanford Graduate Fellow and graduated with a PhD in 2017. My research has touched upon partisan differences in domains as varied as digital campaign strategies, marriageseffectiveness of large scale TV advertising campaigns, and Bing Search Patterns. My methodological approach lies in leveraging large-scale data collected via everything digital - ranging from the web to cell phones to the Xbox gaming system to Bing search and browsing data. While issues of non-responsiveness can be overcome with burgeoning statistical analytics, this unorthodox kind of data allows for assessing public opinion with unprecedented granularity, both demographic and geographic. I have explored this approach in my research at Stanford University and Microsoft Research academically, and for Facebook Research and HealthOutcome from the vantage point of the private sector. 

Together with my close collaborators David Rothschild and Sam Corbett-Davies (Stanford Computer Science), I am a regular contributor at the Washington Post's Monkey Cage, BuzzFeed, and Slate.  Before I came to PredictWise, I received my PhD in communication from Stanford University, and my MA in political science from Duke University.                     

Contact Information:
Tobias Konitzer, PhD
C.S.O., PredictWise
Co-Founder, PredictWise Public Opinion Engine
311 W 43rd St
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 650-304-6837