• Fred W. Ellersick Prize 2013 (IEEE Communications Socienty), given annually to the best article published in a Communications Society magazine in the previous 3 calendar years: "A Generic Quantitative Relationship between Quality of Experience and Quality of Service,"IEEE Network, Vol. 24, No. 2, March/April 2010, pp.36-41.
  • GI/ITG “Messung, Modellierung und Bewertung von Rechensystemen” MMB 2010 PhD award
  • Award for outstanding PhD theses 2010 at University of Würzburg
  • Best dissertation award 2010 of the Institute of Computer Science

Best Paper Awards

  • Top 10% paper award, IEEE MMSP 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Best paper award, IFIP/IEEE QCMAN 2013, Ghent, Belgium: Implementation and User-centric Comparison of a Novel Adaptation Logic for DASH with SVC. [Abstract][PDF (360 kB)][Bibtex]
  • Best paper award, IEEE FINGNet-2012, Palermo, Italy: Passive YouTube QoE Monitoring for ISPs. [Abstract][PDF (388 kB)][Bibtex]
  • Best paper award, IEEE P2P 2010, Delft, the Netherlands: The Impact of Caching on BitTorrent-like Peer-to-peer Systems. [Abstract][PDF (378 kB)][Bibtex]
  • Best student paper, IEEE P2P 2007, Galway, Ireland: Impact of Vertical Handovers on Cooperative Content Distribution Systems. [Abstract][PDF (383 kB)][Bibtex]


  • Granted short term scientific missions “Time Dynamic Modeling of Quality of Experience (QoE) for Web Traffic” within COST TMA IC0703, 2010
  • Granted short term scientific missions “QoE-based Bandwidth Dimensioning for ISPs to Support Online Video Streaming” within COST TMA IC0703, 2011
  • Granted short term scientific missions “Modeling YouTube QoE based on Crowdsourcing and Laboratory User Studies” within COST Qualinet IC1003, 2011