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Tobacco Smokers of Canada


November 9th, 2021, Since anti-smoking laws in Canada were enacted 20 years ago, most people have quit smoking, or never started. Also since 20 years ago, the number of "legal" and "illicit" drug addicts, overdose deaths, illnesses and deaths from prescription side effects, failed marriages, alcohol and gambling abuse, crime, corruption, homelessness, have skyrocketed 2000 percent. "The road to hell gets paved by good intentions". Should have left things the way they were before 20 years ago.

October 1998

International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC

of the World Health Organization, WHO

"In conclusion, our study provides the most precise available

estimate of the effect of ETS on lung cancer risk in western

European populations. We found no increased risk for childhood

exposure, a result consistent with most of the available data. The

risk from ever exposure to spousal ETS was consistent with the

combined available evidence from European studies, but it was

lower than some previous estimates—a result that could be explained

by the large number of subjects whose exposure to ETS

ended several years earlier. The lack of reported results on the

effect of cessation of ETS exposure in previous European studies

does not enable us to explore this explanation. There was also

a nonsignificant dose–response relationship with duration of exposure.

We also found an association of similar strength with

workplace exposure. Dose–response relationships were more

consistent and risks were higher, although in most cases they

were not statistically significant, with combined indicators of

spousal and workplace ETS exposure."

There are many studies which also conclude likewise.

Second Hand Tobacco Smoke, Environmental Tobacco Smoke

is NOT a Statistically Significant Health Risk to Anybody of Any Age Group.

The entire global anti-smoking campaign is based on one single claim, that SHS / ETS s the single worst killer of people in all of human history.

Their claim, sincerely believed by the majority of mostly good intentioned supporters, and the general public, is a deliberate falsehood 'manufactured' by Big Pharmaceutical companies, the main culprits specifically being Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer, to convince the world to blame tobacco smoke for all the illnesses and deaths being perpetrated by their own prescription drugs.

In 2000, again in 2002, Chief Editors of the 12 leading major Medical Journals, led by spokesperson Dr. Richard Smith of the British Medical Journal, tried to warn the world about the massive majority of lies contained in most medical studies being originated by the Big Pharma Industry to hide the devastating truth about their products.

They were all fired for trying.

In 2006 Dr. Smith published his book, "The Trouble With Medical Journals", to try to warn us all again.

He and his book have been "black-balled" from global news media.

If the wikileaks people really want to help save the human race, they should report about the Global Big Pharma Industiral Complex.

SHS / ETS is not humanity's worst killer.

Neither is pollution, nor religion, nor terrorists, nor are spies, nor guns, nor bombs, nor "commies"

Big Pharma is humanity's worst biggest killer in all recorded history.

It's prescription drugs products are the worst Weapons of Mass Destruction ever invented, and their arsenal increases with several thousand new ones every year.


Just one example:

Ever heard of Prednisone ?

It is one of the most prescribed drugs on the planet, and, it’s very quickly very addictive, extremely difficult to stop taking.

Long-term side-effects include Cushing’s Syndrome, truncal weight gain, osteoporosis, glaucoma and cataracts, type II diabetes mellitus, and depression upon dose reduction or cessation

But, most doctors never tell their patients about those side effects before prescribing it, nor afterwards. Instead they very happily prescribe a boat load of more drugs, each with their own cornucopia of bad side effects needing ever more drugs, to treat all the additional diseases and serious problems.

Predisone is just one example of tens of thousands of “legal” medically prescribed drugs with similarly horrific side effects.

Just watch a few drug commercials on TV, listen to the part about side effects, and you’ll quickly begin to comprehend the point I am making here.

Google any pharmaceutical drug and read up about the side effects, and, also google the company name and lawsuits.

Ever heard of the British Medical Journal ? It publishes medical studies, and articles about drugs and studies. It makes the money it needs to operate and pay staff - from advertising - by Drug Companies.

Did you know that in 2006 the former Chief Editor of the BMJ, Richard Smith, published a book, “The Trouble With Medical Journals”, after he, and the editors of 12 other major journals, all got fired for trying to warn the world about the global pharmaceutical industrial complex.

Google search the above info, do a lot of reading, and then answer this question

Is your faith in the global pharmaceutical industrial complex feeling a little shaky ?

It should in fact feel a LOT shaky by now.

In fact, you should be feeling like you have lost all trust in the global pharmaceutical industrial complex, which includes your family doctor.

So, now your question should be - what’s my point of bringing all this to your attention ?

These are the same people, the same companies, hospitals, governments, and doctors, who much prefer us all to believe that all the rising illnesses and deaths from their bad pharmaceuticals are not responsible for it all.

Instead, they all want us all to believe that all the blame belongs to


You, me, all of us, are being lied to - BIG time.

For money, and to avoid life sentences in prison.

All the anti-tobacco propaganda is all junk-science-for-a-buck, to hide the truth of where the blame really belongs.

The blame really belongs to them, the global pharmaceutical industrial complex.

They spend a TONNE of money to suppress any and all efforts to expose it.

They don’t want you to know any of this information.

Because then you might stop buying their drugs, and maybe even put a bunch of them in prison where they belong,

for being guilty of mass illnesses and - murder - of hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

We tobacco smokers fighting anti-smoking junk science grass roots efforts is NOT just about tobacco,

It is a Far Far Bigger Fight than just anti-tobacco junk science

it’s about ALL junk-science-for-a-buck,

and we all need to work together to get it stopped


steve hartwell