The Facts
National and Colorado Research
2012 TABS Data

The TABS data is a statewide report that highlights changes in tobacco-related attitudes and behaviors

Adult Tobacco Use and Exposure: Colorado 2012

50 Years of Progress

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health. Since 1964 significant progress has been made with smoking prevalence among U.S. adults being reduced by half. Even with these successes tobacco use still remains the leading cause of preventable disease, disability and death in our country.
Help Spread the Word

All year you’re encouraged to help promote the 50th anniversary of the Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health. You can make a difference and together we can help make lives tobacco-free. Below you can find a few ways to help spread the word:

Video and Podcasting

Tips Campaign ad participants Terrie Hall, Brandon Carmichael and Roosevelt Smith, discussing their experiences during and after the Tips campaign.
“Clearing the Air”, is a new podcast with Cynthia Hallett, Executive Director of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights. The podcast stresses the urgency to clear the air of secondhand smoke so everyone is equally protected from the negative health effects caused by smoking in the workplace.

Live Tweeting

During the press conference, OSH will be live tweeting from the @CDCTobaccoFree and @Surgeon_General Twitter profiles. Follow along for up-to-the-minute information from the live event using our Twitter feed or the official #SGR50 hashtag.

Twibbon Campaign

A Twibbon is a small image that you can overlay onto your Twitter or Facebook profile picture in order to support a campaign or a cause. You can show your support for the 50th Anniversary of the Surgeon General’s Report by customizing your social media profile picture with the official SGR50 Twibbon.

The Twibbon reflects the anniversary branding and provides customized content for easy posting on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Please use the Twibbon and post a tweet or Facebook post with the #SGR50 hashtag to encourage your social media community to do the same.

Photo Sharing Initiative

Participate in a photo sharing initiative promoting a TobaccoFree life through social media platforms.

Here’s how to participate:
  1. Using the following format (varies for organizations and individuals), create a sign using your own language to finish the following statements or you may select the complete message in option 3.

    Sign examples follow:
    • We’re working to make the next generation tobacco-free (for, to, because) _____________.
    • I’m working towards a tobacco-free future (for, to, because) __________.
    • Together We Can Make the Next Generation Tobacco Free.

  2. Take individual or group photos within your organization holding the sign and upload the photo to your social media platform(s).

  3. Using the #SGR50 hashtag, post the photo on your desired social media platform(s).
    • Include in your post a message of your choice. As a suggestion, here’s a sample post:Honoring 50 years of progress in smoking and health: [link to uploaded photo]. #SGR50.Please be sure to add the official #SGR50 hashtag to ensure your photo is visible.

  4. Spread the word by asking your online community to retweet your photos and invite them to participate in the photo sharing initiative.