Why Should I Quit? 1,2,3

While quitting is difficult and can take several tries, the information in this section details the benefits you can expect when you do quit for good. Learn tips, cost benefits, and find resources to help others quit. It is never too late to improve your health, start now.

benefits of quitting
It is not too late to quit. Get inspired with this list of benefits of quitting.

cost calculator
How much money would you have saved already if you quit a month ago, or a year ago?
Use this tool to find out.

help someone quit
Know someone trying to quit? See how your help can make a big difference.

quit tips
Learn about the small steps you can take to bring you that much closer to living tobacco-free.

success stories
Hear from Coloradans who made the commitment to quit, and how they succeeded.

what works to quit
Learn about the proven methods that can increase your chances of quitting successfully.