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Help keep Coloradans healthy by reporting tobacco violations. These violations can range from the problems created by tobacco use, such as smoking, to tobacco products themselves.

Clean Indoor Air Act Violations

An example of a tobacco violation is smoking inside a public place. The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act states smoking should take place at least 15 feet away from the main entryway of a building. Violations should be reported if there is tobacco smoke within 15 feet of a public entryway, as well as if you see or smell smoke in a public facility such as a government building, restaurant, bar, casino, or on public transportation.

How to Report a Violation:

Call the non-emergency telephone number of your local law enforcement agency. To find a local number in Colorado, click here.

Reports can be made anonymously and law enforcement will use your report to investigate the establishment or location. A citation will be issued if they witness a violation. No business will be fined on the basis of your report alone.

Sale to Minors

It is illegal to sell tobacco products to any person under the age of 18. If you witness or suspect a business is providing tobacco products to minors you can send a report to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

You can report violations the following ways:
  • Call toll free: 1-877-287-1373
  • Fill out this form and submit online or by regular mail. Instructions for submitting are included on the form.
Other Potential Tobacco Product Violations
  • Flavored cigarette sales
  • Advertising/promotion/marketing restrictions (e.g., Describing the tobacco product as “light,” “mild,” or “low” or claiming that the product is safer or less harmful without an FDA order in effect; distributing t-shirts or other novelty items with the brand name of a cigarette or smokeless tobacco product; and event sponsorship in the brand name of a cigarette or smokeless tobacco product)
  • Free samples
  • Vending machines in prohibited areas/self-service display/direct access to cigarette or smokeless tobacco
  • Sale of cigarettes in packs of less than 20
These violations can also be reported to the FDA. See the Sale to Minors section above for information on how you can make a report.