Amendment 35

In 2004, Colorado voters approved Amendment 35 – a tax increase on both cigarettes and other tobacco products. It included a 64-cent increase on a pack of cigarettes to a total of 84 cents and a 20 percent increase on other tobacco products. 

The revenue was designated for health care services and tobacco education to improve the health of all Coloradans. More than 95% of Amendment 35 funds designated to the department’s programs are awarded to nonprofits, government agencies and businesses across Colorado through grant programs.

Amendment 35, the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act and other public health interventions have worked together to decrease current cigarette smoking among adults. In 2005, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System reported 20% of Colorado adults smoked. That dropped to 16% by 2010. That translates to at least 100,000 fewer people who smoke than before these interventions.
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