speech tips

From a Canadian Toastmaster who has posted these links on line.  

Resources for building and preparing effective oral communications.

Analogies - Word Pictures - Anecdotes
Enhance the effectiveness of your speech with word pictures, anecdotes and illustrations. Over 50 word pictures to spruce up your presentation.

Quotes - Quotes and more Quotes
Add credibility to your talk with powerful "Quotes". 
My favorite along with links to the largest quote sites on the web. 
New! A small collection of Movie Quotes

Jokes - Jokes and more Jokes
Don't forget the entertainment value. Add a joke and some humor, some of my favorite along with links to clean joke sites. Remember "The mind can only absorb what the seat can endure"

Other speaking resources, especially for those just starting or recently joined Toastmasters.

How to write a speech using the rule of three.
A simple and effective way to develop speeches and deliver effective oral communications.

Sample Speeches
Some sample 5-7 minute speeches for more ideas and examples of the Rule of 3.