Latest Information 2/3/10

Toa Doa (Tonis Donia)             

The Toa Doa is a rather strange animal. It is commonly known as the most schizophrenic animal in the animal kingdom. It loves to look around corners, and stare with only one eye showing. The Toa Doa will be happy, and lovable around people at times, but as soon as a loud noise such as a laugh occurs, the creature will become frightened and run of to its lair. The Toa Doa has been thought at times to see the underworld in its eyes since it always seems to be frightened.

== Photographs ==

When a photograph is taken of a Toa Doa, it almost always appears to have flash-light eyes. These eyes look as bright as a flash-light and are usually green and blue. The Toa Doa will usually look away when a picture is being taken of it since it appears to know what you are trying to do to it.

== Behavior ==

The Toa Doa is a victim of Schizophrenia. It scares very easily, and is scared mostly of laughs. It is very rare when the Toa Doa will let you be with it. The times that the Toa Doa will be around people are mostly at night, Sometimes in day. The Toa Doa will spend 70% of it's life sleeping. Sometimes when it is being lovable and wants to be with you it will stop in it's tracks, it's eyes will grow wide and it will run away. See Myths for information. It has recently been discovered that the Toa has a problem with biting her tail. When the tail moves, the Toa springs forth and attacks it, even though it is behind her. Scientific reasoning for this problem suggests that the Toa thinks she is a Human.

== Myths ==

- Sometimes when the Toa Doa is happy, it will love being around people, but for some reason, it will stop in its path at a unsuspected time become very frightened, and run away. Some people believe this is because it can see the underworld in its eyes instead of reality.

== Other Names ==

1. Taffy

2. Tonis Donia (Scientific Name)

3. Toa

4. Pona

5. Rona

6. Tona

7. Cona

8. Dona

9. Owa Doa

10. Ona

11. The Psycho Tail Chaser

== Age ==

The current Age of the only Toa Doa is the age of 4 .