The Tennessee Valley Vintage Radio Club is for all kinds of collectors, listeners, restorers, traders and preservers of vintage radio, TV, phonograph and tape players.

We are a group who shares an admiration of yesterday's audio/video transmitters, receivers and players.  The club is understandably dominated by radio lovers, as the name of the club implies, but all are welcome.

This club is also for those of all ages and walks of life who might be interested, inquisitive, intrigued or even ingenuous of vintage audio devices.

Membership in the TVVRC   

The Tennessee Valley Vintage Radio Club  is welcoming and accepting new members! 

We are a new club, formed in 2018.  We are striving to build a membership as well as activities and meets.

Whether your interest lies in tuned radio frequencies, crystal sets, cathedrals, consoles, bookshelf radios, Hi-Fi stereo systems, tube amps, transistor radios, phonographs, 8-track, reel-to-reel, TVs, or home-brew, you are welcome to join this club.

To join the Tennessee Valley Vintage Radio Club and receive e-mail announcements of events and activities, please fill out this membership form.

---- Why join this club?

The answer is simple: to consort and mingle with a community of nearby enthusiasts who share your interests.

Being a member of this club will keep you informed of TVVRC's twice-yearly radio swap events, regular meeting locations and events open only to members.

The eastern section of Tennessee has been without a vintage radio club for a very long time, decades in fact.   This club is re-establishing and forming a new community of vintage audio/video enthusiasts. 

---- Is there a charge to join this club?

At this time there is no charge to join the TVVRC.   Events and activities are supported by donations from participants.

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