TERRA NOVA TRAILRIDERS (2005) INC Terra Nova , Glovertown & Area

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Big Thank You to those of you who bought your Trail Pass last winter. We appreciate your patience while the Lamtrack was out of action and support for Alex and Paul who did an exceptional job with less than perfect equipment. Hope to see everyone this season. Trail Passes are now on sale ONLINE.    No Price Increase     TNTR
Terra Nova Trail Riders 2005
Box 146
Glovertown, Nl, A0G2L0

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Message from Earl Roddick

Newfoundland and Labrador offers the ultimate in snowmobile freedom. We are only contained by the amount of gas in our tank. When travelling the trailways and a sudden breakdown occurs, even if you are alone, you will most likely survive. A concern I have is the number of loners who travel greater distances from the trails than one could normally be expected to walk. It takes only 30 minutes, travelling at 40 km an hour to put yourself 20 km from help. This is when the unexpected happens, these are some of the hazards:

 1. Stranded. Putting your sled into a spot where, unless you can change into the incredible hulk and lift it out, it will remain until you get help. i.e. bog hole, slob ice, gully, etc. (carry a mini-shovel, snowshoes, rope, axe, ice picks, throw bag, a couple of load binders that can be used for winching, if you have these you might be able to help yourself. Not everyone stays in cellphone range or even has one with them)

 2. Mechanical breakdown. Belts wear out and are replaced as a normal maintenance item. Belts, however, "blow out" and in a manner of seconds you are completely disabled. Everyone should always have a spare, if not, you're in for a long walk. The problem which has become evident to the undersigned is that even with a spare belt, many operators do not have the knowledge or ability to change it. How many of us have family members who ride, that totally depend on other people to carry out this procedure.

(When teaching the NLSF Snowmobile Safety Course, knowing how to change a belt and a spark plug is a requirement. I have been shocked by the number of "experienced snowmobilers" who are unable to do this.) Know your machine, read the manual and do this at least once under ideal conditions. 

Sgt.Earl Roddicks Article for Terra Nova Trailriders Newsletter

ICE SAFETY - Be prepared to save your life or someone else's

A throw bag can be purchased in a price range of $15 to $30. Ice picks are available for approximately $25.00 or you can make up a set for yourself using the basic items which would be two pieces of broom handle and two four inch nails. Although a piece of rope would do under some circumstances, its range and immediate availability are limited.

Prepare yourself and members of your family who ride separate machines with the tools to save themselves or others by having these two items on every machine.

Throw bags and ice picks are essential items which could turn a tragedy into an event of survival. Despite all the care and caution we may exercise daily, even the most careful and cautious can end up in freezing water and lose their lives. How would you feel if you witnessed such a tragedy and all you could do is watch and/or quickly become a victim yourself?

Every year in this province we lose snowmobile operators and/or passengers through the ice. Many times the tragic outcome could have been prevented but for a few simple items that could be used to turn the event into a story of survival rather than a tragic event. Be prepared to save your life or the life of someone else, equip your machines with throw bags and ice picks for use when travelling over any area where ice is present. 

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Top Picture on the Barrens between Rocky Pond and Georges Pond
Left Picture near Caribou Lake and Dead Wolf Pond
Bottom Picture Terra Nova between South West and Newton Lake
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