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Food consumption, once a necessity of life, has evolved into a variety of purposes which include health, fulfillment, therapy, and luxury.  What and how we eat our food are products of culture, religious and political identity, as well as social position.  From earliest human societies to the present, the food pendulum shifts from basic need to complex synthesized tastes, and back to the operational function of fast and low cost foods.


America represents a wide variety of cultures and an equally diverse menu of foods.  Each community, through generations, has contributed to the evolution of the American diet.  Unfortunately, people have associated “Fast Food” as representative of all American food. 


One of the U.S.' greatest economic exports is fast food.  MacDonalds and KFC can be seen throughout Europe, Latin American, and Asia.  More so, independent fast food restaurants are also emerging throughout the globe.

MacDonalds Menu,


 What does the charts tell us about fast food growth in Europe?